Types of Breweries

If you’re a beer fanatic, you know that there’s a whole process that goes into the production and processing of craft beer. From lighter mixes to heavier dark ones, all types have specific ways that they are blended to create the richest flavor. Of course, the technique all depends on the brewery the beer is coming from.

In order to understand the different ways that the amber nectar can be crafted, let’s take a look at the top four types of beer-makers.



The first, most common type is the microbrewery. These usually produce smaller amounts of beer and specialize in a certain kind that they’re popularly known for. If you’re looking for a unique craft beer from a specific region, that’s high quality and has an individual production technique, visiting a micro should be on your to-do list when visiting a new place.

These establishments are proud of their ‘buy local, sell local’ attitudes. They focus on one specific area, and tailor their produce to the clientele within that region. If you are ever on the road and want to find out the culture, look into microbreweries in the area.

Nothing gives a better cultural insight and history than a town’s own local beer!



The second type is known as the brewpub and is somewhat related to the microbrewery. This type also focuses on local produce – so much so that it makes its beer on the same premises that it’s sold! Everything takes place in one location, or locations extremely close to one another. The craft beer produced at these pubs is unique and flavorful, and none will be the same as another served in a different pub.

The main difference between the two establishment types is that microbreweries will sell their products in multiple drinking spots around the local area and even sometimes in stories, where brewpubs sell in only in their own establishment. Visit one of these for a taste you won’t get elsewhere.


Contract Brewing Company

Contract, or Nomadic Brewing as it’s sometimes known, is a process involving two companies. The first company, either an alcohol distributor or seller, pays the second company, a brewery, to use its location for making their own beer. This system works for larger scale, international companies who need to have multiple locations around the world to deal with the demand for their products.

Think of the big beer companies like Heineken or Busch Light: these are all Contract Brewing Companies. They hire these premises in locations around the world to create their unique formula and then distribute it to the local market.

Sometimes companies will attempt to hire microbreweries if they are located in areas of interest, to varying degrees of success.


Regional Craft Brewery

The magic of Regional Craft Breweries is that they offer a happy medium somewhere between micros and contract companies.

They operate on a larger scale than micros because they focus on an entire region where they intend to sell their craft beer – but are usually not on an international scale like Contract Brewing Companies.

Of course there are sometimes exceptions, in that some craft makers will sell their products to international distributors. But in general, the craft regionals have a flavor unique to the area in which they are created.

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