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All About Lambic Beer

If you are a beer enthusiast and want to expand your knowledge about all the wonderful brews out there to try, one exciting type that everyone should know about but may not have heard of is Lambic beer! This fun variety, whether it is made as a craft beer or […]

Types of Breweries

If you’re a beer fanatic, you know that there’s a whole process that goes into the production and processing of craft beer. From lighter mixes to heavier dark ones, all types have specific ways that they are blended to create the richest flavor. Of course, the technique all depends on […]

Types of Home Brew Kits | Pros and Cons

In the debate between wine vs beer, beer wins out in the homebrew category. There are hundreds of homebrew kits for beer that serve a range of different purposes. The many kinds differ in regard to skill level, ingredients provided, price, size of the result, and more. The varieties are […]

5 Beers With the Less Than 100 Calories

An ice-cold beer is perfect to cool off on a hot summer day or a night of going out with friends. But if you are trying to stick to a healthy diet and don’t want to give up beer completely, consider sticking to the lighter options.   Light vs Regular […]

5 Beers With the Most Calories

There are many techniques used in the world of crafting beer that make this popular beverage taste better. However, there is no doubt that the caloric intake usually increases with richer tastes. Drinking too much can result in a “beer belly,” which is why it’s important to learn about different […]


7 of the Most Expensive Beers

While beer is generally one of the least expensive forms of alcohol, especially when one opts for the college student favorites of Natural Light or Pabst Blue Ribbon, there are some exceptional options out there that will break the bank. For reference, the average price of a 24-pack of domestic […]

Top Places to Buy Beer Online

If you’re a craft beer lover but have exhausted the options in your local area, you need to look further afield. There are so many beers to try, brewed differently across the world – and thanks to the internet, you can sample them from your own home. We’ve rounded up […]

5 Strongest Beers in the World Based on ABV

The worldwide fascination with and love of beer has resulted in a huge variety of brews to choose from, particularly in alcohol by volume, or ABV. ABV is not the same as proof, which is twice the amount of alcohol by volume—ABV is strictly the ratio of alcohol and the […]