Beer Glass Types : Which To Use for Certain Brews

If you are a true beer lover, you probably already know the right glass can make it taste better. Remember all of the times you bought a bottle of beer and put it in a glass. You sniff the sweet aroma before taking that first sip. Sometimes the taste is so good that you just want to close your eyes and sip forever.

Thanks to the shape and size of the glass you can enjoy your beer and feel its flow in you. Of course, the quality of your drink is the key determinant, but when put in the wrong glass, you may not like it. That glass you use connects you with your drink.

It’s also the reason why many people will drink a German Bock only from a goblet glass. We all have our favorite beer glasses, but they are not meant for all beers. You may be wondering,

Types of Beer Glasses

Spiegelau’s IPA Glass

This glass was finally brought into reality in 2013 after considering hundreds of designs. Two of the leading American IPA brewers from Dogfish Head Sierra Nevada joined forces in this achievement.  They designed the IPA glass to enhance taste and give a comfortable feel to their customers. Yes, the IPA glass has a wide smooth opening for you to relish your drink. This glass is very unique, and as usual, it supports the beer froth together with its aroma.


Spiegelau’s Stout Glass

Stout (introduced in 2014) –

The Stout glass was developed in a partnership between Spiegelau and two stout beer producers, Left Hand Brewing Company and Rogue Ales. It took months of work (and tastings) to go through the hundreds of shapes before they finally settled on a final design. Their model glass was designed to amplify the sweet scent of the stout beer constituents.


Spiegelau’s Wheat Glass

American wheat beer/witbier (introduced in 2015) –

For wheat beer enthusiasts, this glass is probably well known to you. This was another collaboration between Spiefelau and Bell’s Brewery. Its shape is designed to bring the ultimate aroma up your nose in a way, unlike any other glass. If you love your wheat beer in a bottle, you will definitely love it even more in a witbier glass. The witbier glass serves American and Belgian wheat beers.


Spiegelau’s Barrel Aged Glass

Barrel aged beer (introduced in 2016) –

Who doesn’t love barrel aged beer? Its red complexion denotes a unique original taste for all its consumers. Now, the barrel aged beer glass makes it even better! This glass design took two years to develop. Spiegelau partnered with brewmasters at Great Divide Brewing Company, Green Flash Brewing Company, Uinta Brewing Company and Cigar City Brewing to come up with this unique design.


Spiegelau’s Pils Glass

Pilsner’s have never tasted like they have since the invention of this craft Pils glass in 2017. This glass perfects the aroma and taste of pilsner beers. It leaves you with an irresistible urge of taking one sip after the other. Its crystallized nature helps amplify pilsner aromas to give you maximum consumer experience.

Beer Mugs

Well, aren’t these common? A beer mug is one of the most common beer glasses in the world. People love it for quantity. Yes, the mug holds a lot of beer for those quantity-oriented customers. It also has a side handle which helps especially once you’ve drunk a few mugs of beer.

Stangen Glass

Stangen glass resembles a rod, hence the name “Stangen”. This type of glass is characterized by its cylindrical shape, whose design is to intensify aromas as well as flavor.

Weizen Glass

These classy glasses have a smooth curvature starting from the top and gradually narrowing towards the bottom. Designed mostly for wheat beers, these glasses allow your drink to form a thick quality head and bring out a good aroma and flavor.

Pint Glass

It’s small, cylindrical and easy to drink from. This type of glass is compatible with very many beers. Because of its shape, you can get to capture the sweet smell of your drink.



These are good options to consider for heavy malt beers. They have smoothly furnished wide mouths for deep sips. This glass type is designed to keep a medium-size head.


Tulip Glasses

As the name suggests, a tulip glass resembles the tulip flower. Its design enables it to trap large heads and the aroma of the beer. Tulip glasses are best in serving Belgian ales, Scottish ales as well as imperial IPA.



Snifters look like a wide bowl with a tapered mouth, mounted on a stem. In most cases, they are used with cognac and brandy. The bowl shape enables you to swirl your drink freely. How helpful!  These glasses are perfect when it comes to directing aromas directly to your nose.


Beer Glass Types

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