7 of the Most Expensive Beers

While beer is generally one of the least expensive forms of alcohol, especially when one opts for the college student favorites of Natural Light or Pabst Blue Ribbon, there are some exceptional options out there that will break the bank. For reference, the average price of a 24-pack of domestic beer in the United States is around $19.

The list below are the “Rolls Royce” of beers.


The End of History by Brew Dog

Even with all its weird components the End of History sells for $750 for 650ml. For all you math wizards out there that is $1.15 per milliliter. For now, the initial batch has sold out, and it is uncertain whether more will be manufactured in the future. Each bottle comes with a special taxidermy covering. The animal of choice is a stoat, which is essentially a European squirrel. Also when it was initially made, it contained the highest alcohol by volume (ABV) of any beer ever made at 55%.



Space Barley by Sapporo

Another especially interesting and unique beer that makes the list is Space Barley. It is not an understatement to describe this beer as out of this world because the barley used to make it spent five months at the International Space Station. Although initially priced at $110 per six-pack, only 250 packs were made, so the value has since risen dramatically.


Antarctic Nail Ale by Nail Brewing

This beer has a solid ABV of 10%, which is well above average when it comes to beers in America. However, what truly makes it special is the fact that it was brewed with water that came from an iceberg collected by the Sea Shepherd Conservation group. Additionally, all the proceeds from sales of the bottles went to the organization. It initially started at $800 per bottle, but resale prices have skyrocketed.


Cable Car Kriek by Lost Abbey

This ale is one of the most expensive on our list starting at $923 per bottle coming from the Golden State of California. It has been very highly rated and praised by all who have been privileged enough to try it. Additionally, it is operating under a limited-edition single brew, meaning that when it is gone it is gone for good.



Utopias by Sam Adams

These beers are released with a new flavor every year that is restricted to just 13,000 bottles. Special care is practiced in every step of the production process for this exquisite beer that rakes in $199 per bottle. Additionally, at 28%, the ABV is nearly 7 times the average for an American beer, making Utopias truly the utopia of beer.



Jacobsen Vintage by Carlsberg

This Danish company produces a truly incredible beer that combines many different flavors for a seamless experience that is unparalleled. While it does cost $400, one good thing is that it will not expire for over 50 years, so you can save it for the happiest of occasions.



Schorschbock 57 by Schorschbräu

This German beer broke the End of History’s ABV record. Clocking in at 57%, it is the current leader in ABV. Only 36 bottles were released, so this beer is difficult for people to get their hands on it, making them want it even more.


Wrap Up

Most people enjoy a “cold one with the boys or girls” for just a few bucks. If you have deep pockets, you could try any beer on this list to truly elevate your get together and sip on some of the most expensive beer. Who knew some beers cost more than some of the worlds best scotch and wine?

Most Expensive Beers

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