5 Strongest Beers in the World Based on ABV

The worldwide fascination with and love of beer has resulted in a huge variety of brews to choose from, particularly in alcohol by volume, or ABV. ABV is not the same as proof, which is twice the amount of alcohol by volume—ABV is strictly the ratio of alcohol and the other ingredients per drink.

Many of the world’s countries have taken it upon themselves to brew beer to suit their own wants and needs, which has resulted in a broad assortment of varieties from which to choose. When deciding on a favorite, consumers usually consider flavor, the calories in beer and ABV strength.

The average ABV of a beer is around 4.5%, which means that in the wine vs beer debate, wine definitely has a higher average ABV at 11.5-13.5%. But what if you want a brew that is a little (or a lot) stronger? Here’s a roundup of where to buy beer to sample the world’s strongest brews.


BrewDog The End of History – 55%

BrewDog is a Scottish brewery, established only recently in 2007 with the objective of encouraging consumers to get excited about craft beer. The founders themselves did not find passion in the standard beers that were common in the United Kingdom. The End of History is only one of several beverages with a high ABV level manufactured by BrewDog that displays their aptitude for crafting unique and strong beer.


Schorschbräu Schorschbock 57% 

The German Schorschbräu is located in Bavaria and is known for playing with wheat ales in new and exciting ways. They also produce a brew with a 42% ABV level but surpassed that in 2011 by producing this Schorschbock at 57%. No wonder they only made 36 bottles of it.


Koelschip Start the Future – 60%

Koelschip is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, the very heart of the American Midwest. Not only do they brew beer, but they serve it too at their very own bar in Indiana on North Delaware Street. While Start the Future is not currently on the draft list on their website, it goes for a pretty $46 concerning that 60% of its makeup is alcohol.


Brewmeister Armageddon – 65%

The Scottish Brewmeister produces famously strong beers by ABV, and was only established in 2012. Armageddon was their first batch produced, forever giving them the reputation of manufacturing some of the world’s most potent beverages.


Brewmeister Snake Venom – 67.5% 

Yes, Brewmeister holds not only the title for the second strongest but as well as first strongest beer produced by ABV level. Their Snake Venom is 67.5% ABV, and has a warning on its front label advising consumers not to drink more than one in a sitting.


Where to Buy Beer

As shown, a wide spectrum of beer companies supply brews with high ABV levels for your choosing, and while a handful of them may dominate the top list, they are constantly in competition with one another.

They come from an assortment of different places across the globe (with a particular shout-out going to Scotland), and each has their own means of producing their unique products. As well as that, many of the breweries listed have only come into existence in recent years, and it is very possible that there will be more companies in years to come, creating even stronger pints.

Strongest Beers

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